Indoor Air Quality Improvement in Beaverton, OR 97005

“I have yet to put on record the terrific & positive change that has so very much changed my everyday living.

To start, what was an original plan to replace the air ducts in our home which were next to impossible to clean. My wife, Mollie, and I had purchased this home just barely one year prior to contacting you, and in the first year we had hired three separate contractors to clean the air ducts. Because I have a pretty bad time breathing due to lifelong asthma, it was imperative to rid the house of the severe dust constantly covering furniture, floors, and bedding.

On approximately November 22nd of this past year I had contacted six individual furnace and air conditioner vendors. After redefining our situation to each company, we came upon Robben & Sons, and their air specialists. Mollie and I were somewhat unsure of your suggestion to go a different direction other than changing air ducts. You suggested that due to the fact that I struggled to breathe even in my own home, a system to clean the air flow through our home would more than likely be the ultimate answer to our concerns.

INDEED! By mid December of 2010, the excitement of having our new air purification system installed an operating was an absolute blessing. Five months later, and the struggle to breathe is almost a non-issue.

In closing, I must tell you that in the year 2010 I spent several thousand dollars per month on asthma medications. So far this year, I have cut close to one-third of my monthly expense for medications, and the pollen that I normally fight with much difficulty, is not even an issue!

Mollie and I thank you so very much for teaching us about this wonderful product!

Thank you so very much for suggesting this wonderful product. You and your team did a GREAT job!”

– Dick and Mollie F.

‘- Dick and Mollie F.