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Purchasing a furnace for your Portland metropolitan area home is an important investment, and when done right can help save you money on your heating bill and also provide better comfort in your home. Whether it’s a replacement furnace or new unit for a remodel project, Robben & Sons Heating, Inc. a Factory Authorized Dealer of the Bryant furnace product line can help you out. We have several Bryant® models in both gas and oil furnaces to offer for every desire, requirement, need and budget. Each model offers the same quality and reliability you would expect and Bryant guarantees the product. Also today many consumers want to consider “financing” this project and Robben & Sons Heating, Inc. offers many different financing solutions allowing you to afford whatever solution you would like. Choosing Robben & Sons Heating, Inc. and a Bryant furnace will keep you in comfort for years to come.

Natural Gas Furnaces

If your furnace energy source is gas, we have the three Bryant premier lines to offer, ensuring something for everyone. The Evolution® line is Bryant’s most efficient and superior line of gas furnaces. This offers a modulating solution that is an industry leader and provides top tier efficiency and comfort. The second series is the Preferred™ line, also offering outstanding features and efficiency, and a very popular choice amongst consumers. Bryant’s third line called Legacy™, is a standard solution designed with the same durability characteristic. Keep in mind that any of these gas furnaces can be paired with a heat pump to create a hybrid package for the highest-efficiency system available.

If you’re considering a gas furnace, compare the features of each of these lines to see what might best suit your needs, and then call us to speak with one of our professionals for a complimentary consultation. For your convenience, here are a select few of the key features of each line:

  • Evolution Series Gas Furnaces––highest efficiency with up to 98.3% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings, variable-speed air delivery, two-stage or modulating gas delivery, Energy Star® rated in select models, whisper-quiet operation, superior humidity control.
  • Preferred Series Gas Furnaces––higher efficiency with up to 96.5% AFUE ratings, variable- or multi-speed air delivery, one- or two-stage gas delivery, Energy Star® rated in select models, ultra-quiet operation, enhanced humidity control.
  • Legacy Line Gas Furnaces––high efficiency up to 95% AFUE ratings, also 80% builder models, fixed-speed air delivery, one-stage gas delivery, insulated cabinets for quiet operation, most economically priced.

Oil Furnaces

If your furnace energy source is oil, we have two Bryant premier lines to offer, with dependability and reliability for all needs. As with Bryant’s gas furnaces, there is the Preferred Series, operating quietly and efficiently with the highest technology. The other oil furnace series, as also with their gas furnaces, is the Legacy Line. This line delivers efficient reliability and years of durability. Bryant has designed their oil furnaces to also be paired with a heat pump if you’re looking for the efficient hybrid package. Call us for more information.

Maintaining Your Furnace Equipment

As with all quality equipment, since it is an investment in your home or property, you want to be doubly sure to keep it properly maintained. Bryant’s furnaces are designed for a high degree of precision which can result in a higher level of comfort for you in your home. To keep this precision operating at its highest level, regularly scheduled maintenance with a professional is a must. Changing your furnace filter a few times a year is something you can do yourself in between your professional maintenance appointments to help your HVAC system run longer and more efficiently. Typically furnaces are cleaned and checked before the first use of the season. We can schedule this for you, just call us at Robben & Sons Heating, Inc. 503-233-5841.

Why choose a Factory Authorized Dealer

When it comes to quality products, Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems has been an industry leader for over 100 years. As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, Robben & Sons Heating, Inc. has extensive knowledge of the products and systems that have made Bryant such a popular and recognizable force in the heating and cooling industry. When you are searching for an HVAC service provider, you want a company that is knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy. That’s why you should always choose a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. We at Robben & Sons Heating, Inc. are ready to help. Call us at 503-233-5841. We look forward to serving your needs.

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