Kid washing hands at home as part of the HVAC FAQ for COVID-19.

This FAQ is to inform you about our safety procedures and services during the COVID-19 pandemic* and to reassure you that our company remains committed to providing the best possible HVAC and indoor air quality services to all our customers in Oregon.

At Robben and Sons, our first and foremost priority is the safety of our Milwaukie customers and employees. Our entire team consists of experienced professionals who take great pride in our work—we can do our job with minimal disruption to you and your family. You can count on our team members to act in a courteous and responsible manner.

Please read the following FAQs. Our contact information is listed at the bottom if we missed your question!

Q: What precautions are your employees taking against COVID-19?

A: At Robben and Sons, our professionals follow best practices every time we enter a home or business on a service call:

  • We wear gloves and shoe protectors.
  • We use hand sanitizer before entering your home.
  • We use a safe and preapproved disinfectant to wipe off surfaces we contact.
  • We safely dispose of all materials and any trash.
  • We work in one area and will notify you if we need to enter another location.

Beginning with your first call to our company, we gather as much information as possible before we leave for the job. We will set up a process for how you want our team to enter and leave your home or business, and how we can remain at a reasonable distance during the job.

Q: Are you offering your same services during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: Please look at our website homepage for specific hours and other information regarding services. We are currently still scheduling tune-ups and inspections for air conditioners, humidifiers, and heat pumps, as well as any indoor air quality systems. We know how important these systems are going to be when the temperatures heat up.

Maintaining your system keeps your equipment warranty in good standing and catches those minor issues before they turn into major repairs. Proper maintenance is the key to getting the full lifespan out of your system.

The sooner you call us, the quicker we can get you on the schedule! Even if you schedule your appointment for some weeks out, get on our schedule before it fills. We promise to get to these jobs as soon as we can.

Our team remains available for emergency repair calls. Our technicians carry plenty of supplies in their service vehicles so we can do the job quickly and correctly.

If you are interested in a new product, our team can work with you online to answer your questions about pricing, warranties, and installation.

Q: Do you sell products that kill viruses?

A: Studies have shown ultraviolet (UV) lights can reduce the presence of SARS and MERS, two viruses similar to COVID-19. Studies have not yet been done on whether UV lights have any effect on this latest strand of the coronavirus.

Hospitals and industrial facilities around the country use many of these UV indoor air quality systems. Similar to air purifiers and other whole-house air filtration systems, they can maintain healthy indoor air quality.

Remember, these systems help maintain a healthy air quality level but do not address direct surfaces in your home. Coronavirus can survive many days on a surface, such as a door handle or countertop. Good hygiene also plays a critical role in your health.

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At Robben and Sons, our entire team takes your health and safety very seriously. We hope this FAQ answers all your questions. We want to thank all our customers in Milwaukie, OR, for your loyalty during this difficult time. Call 503-233-5841 or request online service today to learn more about our services and products and how we can help you.

* These products and services have not been tested specifically on novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Robben and Sons makes no claims that this will prevent COVID-19 or slow the spread.

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